Hi Welcome to Single Mom Smiling at WordPress

Me, a single mom smiling

Just Me!

Okay so I really don’t know exactly what I’m doing here, but I wanted to comment on a few other blogs I like and needed to have a wordpress.com account so if you found this site, I’m guessing you’re not really looking for much here.

I hope you check out my main site Single Mom Smiling!

UPDATE: Okay (I say that a lot don’t I?) Okay so it’s been about two years since my last post, and I’ve come far in the blogging world – I may not be the Pioneer Woman or Kelly Balarie or anyone, but I’ve come far from where I started, and it’s not just in the blogging world either!

When I started SingleMomSmiling I had no idea how much love and laughter and real Joy there really is in the world, but God is faithful even when I am faulty and His plans are greater than our own!

I’ve moved so far from where I ever in my wildest dreams could have believed I could be and have discovered my calling in helping others discover their callings for more too! Empowering women in transition is my passion and it has led me to start my own successful women’s life coaching business, The Right Path Life Coaching.

If you are a woman wondering what your next step is, I hope you decide to reach out to me and take that first step toward discovering your more! Life is beautiful and you are being called to experience all that beauty has to offer!

You are being called to more!

God Bless…


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